Oil bottle automatic PET blow molding machine with handle

Oil bottle automatic PET blow molding machine with handle

Oil bottle automatic PET blow molding machine with handle

Our company adopts advanced bottle-making technology to develop a bottle blowing machine. This machine has the characteristics of automation, intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and the product is not polluted by intermediate links. It is widely used in the production of condiments, food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical containers.

Technical advtange :

1. Technical innovation of clamping system

The use of a single cylinder to synchronously quickly push the opening and closing of the mold, and mechanical self-locking, which effectively solves the problem of mold expansion and thick mold clamping lines that occur in mechanical mold clamping.

2. Application of new technology of automatic embryo sorting and inserting embryo

In the process of processing the embryo, each embryo channel has a detection photoelectric switch to control the action of the epidermal motor and the embryo dividing cylinder. The embryo falls into the stainless steel channel, the embryo cylinder pushes the embryo into the embryo insertion head, and the structure is compact. It has the characteristics of high stability, energy saving, high production efficiency, no downturning (effectively protecting the heating lamp), etc.

3. Steel structure sealing

The rigid structure is adopted for sealing, which is not easy to wear, and has good sealing performance and is not easy to leak.

4. Standardization of accessories 

Most parts of the whole machine adopt common standard parts (such as chains, rails, cylinders, etc.) to ensure the reliability of equipment operation, making replacement easy and low maintenance costs.

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