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#15L water bottle blowing machine The final commissioning before shipment has been carried out.

#15L water bottle blowing machine   The final commissioning before shipment has been carried out. What do you think of this machine?Need to do a blow molding machine to contact us and give you a satisfactory [ Whatspp/Wechat ]

Full automatic bottle blowing machine for olive oil bottle with handle manufacture

The disposable water barrel blowing machine belongs to the automatic barrel water blow molding machine, which is mainly used for 5 liters to 10 liters disposable barrels of oil barrels.Blowing machinery and equipment have fast speed, low energy consumption, high stability and low scrap rate. Edible oil plastic bottle blowing machine is suitable for PET water bottles within 2L, hot-filling juice bev...

3L semi-automatic one-out two-bottle blowing machine test machine completed

This series is widely used to produce container for carbonated drink, mineral water, edible oil, pesticide and cosmetic, and also for making jar and hot filling container. Those container ranges from 5gallon bucket, lampshade to eyes drop bottle.

Automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturer

We Offer Both Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine And Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Producing High Quality PET Plastic Bottles In Various Shapes, Sizes, And Colors For Water, Juice, Carbonated Drink, Vegetable Oil, Alcohol, Liquid Detergent, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care Items.+8613645861625 [ Whatspp/Wechat ]

Fully automatic 4-cavity blow molding machine for disinfectant bottle and hand sanitizer bottle comp

Specializing in the production of alcohol bottles, watering cans, disinfectants, hand sanitizer bottles, automatic blow molding machine.We are a bottle blowing machine specializing in the development and production of alcohol bottles, watering cans, disinfectants, hand sanitizer bottles and other plastic bottles. We mainly focus on quality, ensuring that the machine can be sent to the customer'...

1L, 2L, 5L Automatic Double Station Extrusion Blow Molding

Sterilizing bottle extustion blowing bottle machine .Double  EXTRUSTER  head, double station automatic edge cutting..It can complete all kinds of bottles from 100ml to 2L.,Widely used in agricultural pesticide bottle packaging. high-grade cosmetics bottle packing

Car glass water bottle four cavity full-automatic bottle blowing machine

We are the manufacturer of Car glass water bottle Bottle Blowing Machine for Cosmetics Bottles. The extensive range of offered by us is manufactured under the expert supervision. Our Machine is dimensionally accurate, durable and competitively priced. These Fully and Semi Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machines are made from optimum quality of raw material. These products are available in market at c...

5 liter oil bottle 2 cavity double servo automatic blow molding machine

This machine adopts a specially designed preform conveying system. The manipulator is turned over to load the preform into the preform holder, heat it, and then the manipulator puts the heated preform into the blowing platform. After blowing, the bottle is demolded by the turning robot.Features:1. Adopt Taiwan (DELTA) touch screen computer, with stable performance and simple operation;2. Select Ger...

Efficient and stable 250ML cosmetic bottle blow molding machine alcohol bottle disinfection water

What water bottles are our blow molding machines suitable for?Daily chemical bottles and special-shaped bottles within 2LCosmetic bottle, skin care bottleDetergent bottle, shampoo bottleSanitizer bottle, hand sanitizer bottleFeatures of our blow molding machines?Wide versatility, suitable for various calibers and shapes, especially for daily chemical products.It is not equipped with an automatic fe...

Fully automatic 15liter disposable bottled water with an output of 500 per hour

The 15-liter disposable bottled water bottle blowing machine is a new generation of fully automatic bottled water bottle blowing machine developed by Pengyue bottle blowing machine after 15 years of experience and technology summary. It is mainly used for 15-liter disposable barrels. 500 barrels per hour...



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