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Full-Auto Bottle Blowing Machine

Plastic bottle forming machine, blow molding machine

Our factory bottle blow molding machine can produce PET containers including the bottles for kinds of wine, drink, soybean, vinegar, and pesticide shape and diameter. It has automobile system with high efficiency. The distant infrared ray heat pipes are used in the machine. It has high pressure protection with the feature of precisely removing mould. It is easy to maintain. It is the equipment for ...

5L 2 cavity PET fully automatic bottle blowing machine

5L 2 cavity PET fully automatic bottle blowing machine high speed full automatic pet bottle blower can produce different shapes from 1L to 7L water bottles,edible oil bottles and other plastic PET containers. High speed,low defect rate,stable running and easy operation.Machine Partsa.PLC controller touch screen : Mitsubishi (Japan)b.Pneumatic parts:AIRTAC(TAIWAN)c.Controller of stretch ,shift ,clam...

5 liter 2 cavity fully automatic 5 servo motor Blow molding machine

Edible oil bottle PET bottle blowing machine with up to 2 cavity, single cavity can manufacture PET bottles, 5 liters of cooking oil.BG Series Servo Motor Automatic 5 Liter Plastic Bottle Blowing Mahcine for big bottles.Preform transferring by servo control. Suitable for 5L, 10L, 20L big bottles. Advantages:1. Economic, Convenient, Fast2. Easy operate, running at high accuracy and high speed. ...

PET blow molding machine shipped today

We are a professional manufacturer of packaging molds (preform molds, cap molds) PET blow molding machines and extrusion hollow machine equipment

6-cavity 570ml aviation aluminum blowing mold, matched with high-speed PET bottle blowing machine

Borg series is a stable two-step blow-down stretch automatic blowing machine.It can be used from 4 cavity to 12 cavity with a speed of 1500 bottles per hour (750 ml plastic bottles),max volume 2L plastic bottle,suitable for blowing any kind of carbonated beverage bottle,sparkling beverage bottle,pure water bottle, mineral water bottle,fruit juice beverage bottle,cosmetic bottles,large diameter bott...

Candy Jar Wide Mouth PET Blow Molding Machine

Full Automatic 2 Cavity Wide Mouth Candy Jar Blowing Machine Pet Bottle Making Machine with Preform Hand Feedingblow moulding machine is a specialized equipment designed for large-diameter PET bottles,with features of high automation,wide versatility,and easy operation.it is especially suitable for the production and processing of large-diameter neck 50-180mm.J series bottle making machine is preci...

Oil Bottle PET Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer

Performance characteristics of fully automatic one out two PET plastic blow molding machine1. Fully automatic human-machine interface, easy operation, smooth operation of the whole machine, few failures and fast bottle blowing speed.  2. Each part of the machine is made of reasonable material selection, precision processing and fine surface treatment.  3. The rotary continuous preform loa...

16.8 liter bottled water automatic bottle blowing machine

We are a professional manufacturer of packaging molds (preform molds, cap molds) PET blow molding machines and extrusion hollow machine equipment

4-cavity PET automatic blow molding machine-manufacturer

4 cavity automatic PET blowing machine can blow upto 2000 ml bottles giving maximum productivity of 4200 pcs/hr.Very easy to maintain and require only one unskilled labor to feed the preform into the heater conveyor.



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