Semi Automatic 5 Gallon 18.9L, 20L Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Semi Automatic 5 Gallon 18.9L, 20L Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Semi Automatic 5 Gallon 18.9L, 20L Stretch Blow Molding Machine

BG-20L Semi-Automatic Blow Molding Machine
BG-20L 5-gallon blow molding machine is specially used to produce 5-gallon bottles and various large-capacity PET bottles. The machine can produce 5-gallon bottles with a maximum output of 90 bottles per hour, and even 120 bottles per hour when using light-weight preforms. BG-20 is divided into two parts, the main machine of blowing bottle and the rotary infrared heater. Because the wall of the preform is relatively thick, the ordinary heating system cannot achieve the ideal preform heating effect, and the infrared heater can penetrate the inside and outside of the preform, and the heating is durable and uniform, ensuring a good molding quality.
Machine features:
1. Especially used to make PET bottles with a capacity of not more than 6 gallons
2. It is suitable for the production of 25-liter jars with a 200 mm inner diameter.
3. Infrared heating is used to achieve the uniform heating effect of the preform bottle wall.
4. A special reheating device is used to ensure the ideal heating effect for 730 grams of thick-walled preforms.
5. The cooling system guarantees the quality of the neck of the preform.
6. Using one mold, the output of 5 gallon bottles can reach 90 blowing bottles per hour.
7. Advanced PLC control system with counting function, time control can be accurate to 0.01 second.
8. Special air storage device.
9. Installation and start-up are simple.

Model UNIT BG-20L
Max.Container Volume L 5-20
Theoretical Output Bph 150-400
Max.Neck Diameter mm 65
Max.Container Diameter mm 130
Max.Container Height mm 400
Max.Mould Thickness mm 380
Mould Opening Strode(adjustable) mm 330
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) m 2.2*0.72*2.0
Machine Weight kg 1500
Heater Dimension(L*W*H) m 2.7*0.65*1.65
Heater Weight kg 560
Max.Heating Power KW 25
Installation Power KW 27

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