Servo automatic high-speed blow molding machine

Servo automatic high-speed blow molding machine

Servo automatic high-speed blow molding machine

1. The whole machine has low energy consumption, high degree of automation and simple operation.

2. The pneumatic components, bearings and electrical appliances of the equipment are imported brands.

3. Servo drive, fast, accurate and stable positioning.

4. Servo mold clamping, energy saving, fast, stable and noiseless.

5. A high-pressure gas recovery device can be added for use as a low-pressure action.

6. LCD touch screen control, intuitive, convenient and fast operation.

Machine Features:
1: The single-servo four-cavity automatic blow molding machine adopts servo shifting, double crank arm mold clamping, fast speed, large clamping force, and the maximum can reach 2L.
2: The mold is positioned and installed, and the mold replacement can be easily and quickly completed within half an hour.
3: It is suitable for the production of salt soda bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles, and carbonated beverage bottles with high output requirements.
4: The stable output below 750 ml can reach 4500 bottles and hours.

1. Upgrade to servo motor drive:

a. Preform feeding system: Servo motor divides the preforms, which effectively solves the problem of wear between the preforms and the preforms;

b. Stepping system: the horizontal movement system of the preform is driven by a servo motor. Movement speed can be shortened to 50% of cylinder push mode.

2. Mold positioning drawer design, simple and fast mold replacement, can be easily completed within half an hour;

3. Efficient constant temperature heating box:

a. Using advanced high-frequency red infrared lamps, the heating efficiency is increased by 30%-50%;

b. Each layer of light tubes can be controlled individually, with a built-in ruler to help customers make precise adjustments;

c. Intelligent temperature control system.

d. Preform rotation system.

e. Bottle neck cooling system. Circulating water cooling ensures that the bottle mouth is not deformed.

4. Famous brand accessories: French Schneider system / domestic Xinjie system are optional.

5. Human-machine interface HMI

The overall computer control, easy to operate. Independent operation box, flexible arrangement of operation positions. It is safer and more reliable to stay away from the heated area. Once the machine fails, the PLC automatically sends a fault diagnosis report to the touch screen, and the operator can quickly and accurately troubleshoot.

6. Security

a. The equipment adopts a fully enclosed safety door system to ensure the safety of operators;

b. Multi-point photoelectric detection of the whole machine to protect the safe operation of the positioning system, mold clamping system and stretching system.

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