BORG blow molding machine technical support-pre-sales and after-sales

pre-sale service

1. Propose high-quality solutions according to customer needs

2. Communicate with customers technically, negotiate, and solve difficult points


After-sales service

1. Before or at the initial stage of delivery of the blow molding machine, BORG professional technicians will conduct comprehensive and detailed training for customers. Interact with customers, answer questions for customers, make customers familiar with the use and maintenance of blow molding machines, and ensure long-term stable operation and safe production of blow molding machines and blow molding machines in the future production process.

2. After the equipment test is sent to the customer's factory, we will send commissioning engineers to provide technical training for the workers in the customer's factory, and provide customers with long-term technical support and services.

3. The Flying Pigeon Friends Association will provide customers with timely, professional and efficient after-sales service, including blow molding machine introduction, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, door-to-door service, regular follow-up visits, etc. When the machine breaks down, we will assist the customer and provide solutions via telephone or network within a short period of time. If necessary, we will promptly arrange for technicians to come to repair.


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