Honey bottle, candy bottle PET Bottle Making Machine

Honey bottle, candy bottle PET Bottle Making Machine

Honey bottle, candy bottle PET Bottle Making Machine

Adopt servo motor to drive the opening and closing mold and the bottom mold to achieve the effect of high speed, high precision, stability, lightness, energy saving and environmental protection.

The servo motor drives the stepping and stretching system, which greatly improves the blowing speed and flexibility.

The high-pressure blower is equipped with an air source recovery system (air source recovery rate can reach 30%), which can save 30kw/hour of power consumption, save the investment cost of purchasing low-pressure air compressors and save space, and achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Effect.

The mold is positioned and installed, and the mold replacement can be easily and quickly completed within half an hour.

Human-machine interface control, simple operation, high degree of automation; small machine area, energy saving and space occupation.


CLAMPINGClamping forceKN500
Clamping strokemm210
Stretching strokemm450
Bottom strokemm50
Cavity pitchmm190
Number of cavitycavities2
CONTAINERTheoretical outputBPH1200-1600
Max container volumeL5
Max.neck outer diametermm30-70
Max.container diametermm175
Max.container heightmm330
Number of Lamppcs48
Max.heating powerKW48
Installed powerKW49
Actual electricity consumingKW16
AIR SYSTEMOperating pressurekg/cm27
Low pressure air consumptionLtr/min1500
Blowing pressurekg/c㎡≤35
High pressure air consumptionLtr/min6000-8000
MACHINEMachine sizem4.0×1.9×2.0
Machine weightT4.2


1. The use of imported Japanese electronic components greatly improves the working efficiency and stability of the machine, and prolongs the life of the machine

2. Using Japanese smc noise reduction system, the noise is reduced by more than 60%, and it is more user-friendly

3. Adopt modular design to reduce floor space

4. Linear structure, the slider is formed by hot die casting of special materials, the wheel design has no concave angle, and the operation is smooth

5. The ring-shaped stainless steel anti-pinch device on the bottle mouth and the integrated aluminum alloy cooling device can protect the bottle neck from being deformed when heated, improve the sealing performance of the bottle and the bottle cap, and prolong the shelf life of the contents.

6. The independent thermal balance adjustment device of each group of infrared lamps makes the temperature of the preform consistent and the color of the bottle uniform during heating, which improves the yield of finished products.

7. Large-flow secondary blowing device with pre-blowing and debuggable function

8. Adopt photoelectric control pre-blowing and air-blowing settings, so that the stretching time will not be affected by air pressure fluctuations, and achieve the uniformity and consistency of the upper and lower wall thickness of the bottle

9. Strong and professional product technical team and design and development capabilities

10. Thoughtful post-service: we sell not only machines, we will provide comprehensive machine operation training courses and post-service


1. The warranty service is provided by our company's after-sales service center, and the warranty scope covers all products sold by our company.

Second, the company's products, implement one-month "three guarantees" service and one-year free warranty (including LCD screen warranty period of one year) service, the starting time is based on the date of product sale, and the two parties agree otherwise according to the agreement time to execute.

3. The company's products are used under normal conditions, and the faults are only due to the quality of the products themselves. During the product "three guarantees" or warranty period, you can enjoy


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