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Introduction to the principle of BORG blow molding machine

Introduction to the principle of BORG blow molding machine

BORG Machinery is a company specializing in blow molding machines, mainly producing fully automatic and semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machines.


The working principle of the bottle blowing machine is to first heat and inject plastic particles into preforms, and then blow the finished preforms with high-pressure air. At present, the mainstream material in the beverage filling industry is generally PET environmentally friendly plastic.

Blowing can be divided into two major steps. First, preheat the preform to irradiate the preform through an infrared high-temperature lamp to heat and soften the body part of the preform. It should be noted that in order to prevent the bottle mouth from deforming due to high temperature, a cooling device needs to be installed on the machine.


Then, the bottle is blown and molded, and the heated preform is put into the blow mold, and the pre-blowing and high-blowing are performed respectively to blow the preform into the required bottle.DSC_4181.jpg

In addition, multiple sets of molds can be made according to the needs of customers, so that one machine can produce a variety of bottles.微信图片_20211003081954.jpg

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