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Plastic bottle blowing machines china

Plastic bottle blowing machines china

Plastic bottle blowing machines china

We are a manufacturer of blow molding machines in China, providing automatic PET stretch blow molding machines and semi-automatic PET blow molding machines, producing high-quality PET plastic bottles of various shapes, sizes and colors for water, juice, carbonated drinks, vegetable oils , Alcohol, liquid detergent, cosmetics, medicine, personal care products, etc.

We have advanced blow molding machine manufacturing equipment, strong technology, top-down management team, and high-quality PET blow molding machine equipment that has passed CE/ISO certification.

Our PET blow molding machines are sold to more than 50 countries in Europe, America, East Asia, Middle East, etc. We have established a complete sales and service network in the domestic market, and we have always insisted on after-sales service.

We will respond patiently and carefully to any consultation and feedback from customers.

  • For any inquiry from customers, we will give you a professional and reasonable quotation.

  • For any orders from customers, we will complete them on time according to the quality and quantity.

  • For any new products of our customers, we will communicate with our customers very professionally, listen to the opinions of our customers and give useful suggestions to ensure the quality of our products.

  • We spend time and effort in solving every problem, no matter how mundane you may encounter. We will always accommodate you, and you will find that we speak your language and understand your technical problems. That's why we have been so successful with our customers from more than 30 countries over the years.



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