BORG bottle Machinery Various Types Of Bottles For Reference,NEWS karl: 

BORG bottle Machinery Various Types Of Bottles For Reference

BORG bottle Machinery Various Types Of Bottles For Reference

In our daily life, we always see a variety of plastic bottles in various shapes, so what are the common plastic bottles? Today, BORG BLOWING Machinery will make detailed explanation。

1.Narrow mouth bottle is the most frequent bottle type we can see in our daily life, usually the caliber is 26, 28, 30, 36mm and so on. Narrow mouth bottle is mainly used in beverage bottles, mineral water bottles and juice bottle, carbonated drinks bottles , soy sauce bottles and other liquid product packaging, this kind of bottle is the most common type in the market.


The common size of the bottle: 5gallon bottle, 5L-10L bottle, 200ml-2Lbottle. No matter what size you request, BORG BLOWING MACHINE  always can provide you the best suitable solutions.



202106131130437994.jpg>> Jaw-mouth bottle is a plastic bottle with a large diameter and a large capacity, which is mostly used for food packaging. For example, pickle bottle, candy bottle, dried fruit bottle and so on are all packaged in the form of wide-mouth bottle. Jaw-mouth bottle is mainly made of PET material and has a transparent appearance. The packaging in this shape is mainly convenient to remove the objects inside the bottle.



>> Square bottles, different from the traditional cylinder, square bottles and multi-faceted plastic bottles in the market in recent years gradually more and more, these bottles are mainly used in beverage bottle packaging.  


In addition, there are flat bottles, special-shaped bottles, plastic bottles of various shapes, in line with our rich and colorful life needs.

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