The difference Extruder blow molding machine and PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Extrusion Blow molding machine and PET blow molding machine are two kinds of equipment that people often confuse. Many people think that these two kinds of equipment are the same, but they are really different. This article will take everyone to understand the difference between extrusion blow molding machine and plastic bottle blow molding machine.


Intuitively starting from the name, we can see the difference between them. Bottle blowing machine is a machine for blowing PET bottles; extrusion blow molding machine is a device for blowing hollow plastic products.howblowmoldingworks.jpg202107160858298175.jpg


Introduction of extrusion blow molding machine



The blow molding machine is a tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of a thermoplastic resin, which is placed in a split mold while it is hot, and compressed air is injected into the parison immediately after the mold is closed to inflate and tighten the plastic parison. Stick it on the inner wall of the mold and release it after cooling to obtain various hollow products.


Brief Introduction of PET Stretcher Blow Molding Machine


The bottle blowing machine is a machine that blows recycled plastics or preforms into empty bottles according to a certain processing method. The production side of blow molding machine is divided into two-step method and one-step method.

The two-step blow molding machine requires the plastic raw materials to be made into preforms before blowing. There are labor and tube blank storage and shipment stages in between.

The one-step blow molding machine performs the detailed production process from injection to injection molding at one time on one machine, without the need for secondary heating, saving energy.202106051434208362.jpg

Therefore, although the literal difference between the extrusion blow molding machine and pet stretcher blow molding machine is not much, there is still a big difference in essence.


The difference between extrusion blow molding machine and PET blow molding machine


Not only is the working principle different, but the characteristics of the blow molding machine and the blow molding machine are also different. The product produced by the blow molding machine has a uniform wall thickness without post-modification processing, and the product is seamless and produces less waste. Moreover, two molds are required for blow molding machine production.

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