Why you should choose our PET bottle blowing machine?

Why you should choose our PET bottle blowing machine?

Why you should choose our PET bottle blowing machine?

As one of the most professional pet blowing machine manufacturers in China,Our company has been in PET bottle blowing machine area for 30 years.our "BORG"brand

is a famous brand in china for pet bottle production.

DSC_9674.jpg● we are striving for stable and Maximizing efficient for our customer. under the environment of intense industry competition,we deep know that just have stable and efficient bottle blowing machine can let our customer to get a good economic benefits

● Our machines are modular in design. Parts standard planning and design, high manufacturing accuracy, strong interchangeability. It provides guarantee for efficient after - sales service. Even if you are in a foreign country, you can solve the problem in the shortest time.

● We have more than 15 years of export experience, products through the European Union CE certification. There are a number of specialized overseas debugging, maintenance team. Can provide customers with on-site teaching, debugging. Make the customer can produce benefit in the shortest time after buying the machine!

● We have more than 30 design patents, such as "easy holder" design, which makes it easy to replace preform holder. The work that used to take half a day to complete now only takes half an hour, which greatly saves time.

● We have developed different models according to different bottles, such as mineral water bottle, cosmetics bottle, wide neck bottle, oil bottle, five-gallon barrel, flat bottle and thick-walled bottle. Can help customers produce the perfect bottle.

● Pneumatic, electric elements, the control unit adopts the Festo, Siemens, samsung, airtac, airtac, ano, ALIF, weenies, schneider and other well-known manufacturers at home and abroad with the original.



1.Water bottie High Speed Fully Automatic PET Blow Molding Machine

2.Fully Automatic PET Thick-Walled Blow Molding Machine

3.Hand Feed Preform Automatic Blow Molding Machine

4.Fully Automatic PET Surper Small Bottle Blow Molding Machine

5.Fully Automatic PET Wide-neck Jar Blow Molding Machine

6.Fully Automatic PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine for big container

7.Semi automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

8.Fully Automatic PET Blow Molding Machine

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