HDEP extrustion blowing machine

2L automatic double station extrusion blow molding machine

Sterilizing bottle extustion blowing bottle machine .Double  EXTRUSTER  head, double station automatic edge cutting..It can complete all kinds of bottles from 100ml to 2L.,Widely used in agricultural pesticide bottle packaging. high-grade cosmetics bottle packing 

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Fully automatic hollow blow molding machine

Both single-die and multi-die have center feed and side feed, each die has a special distribution fluid, the flow and pressure of each flow channel can be adjusted, and each die can be compatible with the wall. Use with thick control system

Suitable for producing plastic hollow products of PE, PP, EVA, ABS, K material, TPU, nylon and other materials below 12L

1. The opening and closing of the mold is controlled by three guide rods, which increases the clamping force and provides high stability and high efficiency of machine operation.

2. The screw is designed for high-efficiency mixing to ensure uniform plasticization, suitable for the production of various plastics

3. The extruder is driven by a variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the machine has low energy consumption

4. There are single-frame or double-frame models to meet different production capacity requirements

5. The mold base is moved horizontally, operated by linear slide rails, and the mold is moved in parallel. The mold is moved quickly and has high stability.

6. The clamping cylinder is in the middle of the template, so that the force is uniform, the quality of the product is improved, and the service life of the mold is prolonged.

7. The model can also be matched with an in-mold labeling machine to meet the production of products with special requirements

Model NoUnitBG-S2LBG-2S2LBG-S12L
Max.volume          L2212
Dry cycle       pc/hr800800*2600
Screw Diameter    mm606080
Screw L/D radio     L/D252525
Screw motor power  Kw111130
Screw heating power  Kw 3.3~4.43.3~4.46.2~8.8
No.of heating zone Zone334
Output of HDPE/HDPE      Kg/hr30~4550~60100~120
Oil pump drive power Kw 7.57.515
Clamping force Kn3838110
Open strokemm138~368138~368180~600
Mold thickness(W*H)mm300*320300*320500*510
Size of Mold mm370370550
MaxMax.die diametermm9090220
Die heat capacity Kw1.8~3.51.8~3.54.4~5.5
Blowing pressureMpa0.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
Air consumptionM3/Min0.40.40.6
Cooling water pressureMpa0.30.30.5
Water consumptionL/min355060
Dimension (L*W*H)M3*1.6*2.13.5*2*2.13.3*3.3*2.6