HDPE Blow Moulding Machine at Best Price in china

Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Electronic conteol system:JAPAN MATSUBISHI PLC and human-computer interface(Chinese and English)control.Color touch screen operation。Adopt theSIRMENS temperature control module.ALL process setting,changing,searching,monitoring,fault diagnosis can be operate on the touch screen,no point contact work principle ,and the electril parts is more durable.Standard electric control cabinet .makes the component runtime environment stability,extend the service life of the equipment. 

  • Hydraulic system:Proportional Pressure Control,equipped with imported famous brand 

  • hydraulic valve and pump,stable and reliable 

  • Plsticization system:Efficient plasticizing mixing screw. Ensure plastic plasticizing 

  • completely and evenly.

  • Speed regulating system:frequency control and hard alloy tooth surface reducer casing. 

  • Smooth speed,energy saving,low noise and durable 

  • Molding clamping sliding structure adopts linear guidr way. Accuracy up to micron level .The whole mold clamping combining a high position accuracy , easy and energy saving ,and strong bearing,immutability.Patented products:three rod,single cylinder two-way synchronous mold clampimg structure,stability is good. 

  • Adopting the parison programmer.reducing the differences on the width of the up and down due to reducing material and vertical tensile,and improve the uniformity of the wall thickness efficiently. 

  • Die-mold:Using the best quality material,like 38CrMoAIA,42CrMov,35CrMo,Through precision maching and heat treatment

  • Mold changing more easy:the die-mold can be lift up and down,backward and forward with the machine plate(hydrauloc cpmtrol).for saving more space to install all kinds of molds.die-mold up and down.for adjusting the mold mouth and the mold distance.reduce the material waste. 

  • Energy saving:while the speed is 70%of the nominal speed,the power consumption is 110kw/h,and energy saving 20kw/h than the old machines. 

Max. Product VolumeL306080
Dry CyclePc/H600450360
Screw DiameterMM8090100
Screw L/D RatioL/D26:126:128:1
Screw Heating CapacityKW6-87-98.5-10
Clamping ForceKN200230-300300-400
Number of heating zoneZone445
Output of HDPEKg/Hr100-120140-200180-260
Oil Pump Drive PowerKW223035
Mold StrokeMM140-380150-480160-550
Size of Mold (W*H)MM550*650700*900800*1000
Max. Die pin DiameterMM300350430
Blowing PressureMpa0.80.80.8
Air VolumeM3/Min0.81.01.2
Cooling Water PressureMpa0.30.30.3
Water ConsumptionL/Min6085100
Weight of MachineT101215


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